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Introduction to Birth Stories

Everything you need to know about birth stories

A birth story is a gallery of pictures that follows your whole birthing process in a documentary style from labor, delivery, and up to two hours after baby is born. I come once you are in active labor, and capture your journey through labor, your babies first breath, your reaction to seeing your baby for the first time, and all those important moments that, as I know personally, fly by and seem like a daze when you try to look back and remember the day(s).

Importance of Birth Photographers

Why it is important that you hire a professional for your birth story

Birth is one of life most precious and treasured gifts we experience. There are those occasions that a professional photographer is needed and smart phones just aren't adequate such as your wedding, engagement, pregnancy, your baby's birthdays and all the milestones in between. Often, people are hesitant to invite a stranger in to their most vulnerable moments and I get that. I also know how fast the day flies by during those moments, and you can't fully take it all in after hours of hard labor because you're exhausted. Let me help you. I am here so you can relive the moment you brought your baby in to this world. I am here so you don't have to piece together the day. I am also here to show you how strong, powerful and determined you are to get your baby earth-side.

The Investment in Your Birth Story

Birth photography is an investment. Let's talk about cost

Birth photography is unlike any other genre of photography. Birth photographers are on call for weeks at a time waiting until mama goes in to labor. That means no going out of town, no days without your phone on and on high volume while you're on call. That means possibly missing important occasions like our own children's birthdays, and even holidays, all for the passion and love of helping telling your story and welcoming your baby to the world. Think of the standard price range of wedding photography. Birth photography comes at a similar price range, and often even more as weddings don’t usually occur in the middle of the night on a surprise date that you cannot plan for for an unknown number of hours or even days!

Introduction to Birth Storie
Importance of Birth Photographers
The Investment in Your Birth Story
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