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About Me

Hi, I'm Chelce, a momtrapeneur, a wife, a gardener, a lover, but the one passion pulling my soul the most is photography. A lot of people always ask how I went from going to nursing school to being a photographer. It is a really easy explanation for me because I have always been fighting my creative side with my practical side. I always thought it was expected to go and get a "real job", and in my mind photography wasn't an option past being a passion and a hobby.


I've always wanted to document the most intimate moments of people's lives whether that be the big moments like giving birth to your first or fifth child, to the small moments of holding their hands through all their milestones. I want make sure that couples are documenting their love for each other. I want make sure you are capturing all those silly little faces, and things your kids do, that fade so quickly so you don't forget. Lets tell your story.


I want to be that person who gets to tell your story so that these memories can be shared through generations and generations. Let's make some magic together. 


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