Chelce Geron Photography

Photographer - Redding, CA

Get to Know Me

Hi, I'm Chelce, a momtrapeneur, a wife, a gardener, a lover, passionate, but the one passion pulling my soul is photography. A lot of people always ask how I went from going to nursing school to being a photographer. It is a really easy explanation for me because I have always been fighting my creative side with my practical side. I always thought it was expected to go and get a "real job", and in my mind photography wasn't an option past being a passion and a hobby.

In high school and throughout my life I was always taking pictures and had my camera handy! My junior and senior year I joined yearbook. Senior year I was the editor of the yearbook, which is where my passion continued to blossom and grow. The universe had other plans than college straight out of high school for me though, and I became a mom just a year after I had graduated. My first muse was born, my son Ian. Being a single mom I didn't have an option other than to work my butt off working 6 days a week, leaving very little time to pursue my passion. I was in survival mode, and decided that I would go in to nursing for a stable career for my son and myself. All the spare time I had, I was snapping away pictures of Ian any chance I got. I have hundreds and hundreds of photos of him. And I continued to work 6 days a week and do my pre-reqs for the nursing program.

Three years later, I met my husband, who was a media arts major at Chico State University, and when I met him, he reopened my creativity and passion for photography. Three years later we had our daughter Emilia, and I was constantly setting up shoots for our kids, and he finally told me he was going to teach me how to professionally take photos. With his expertise and knowledge, and constantly learning new techniques and skills, I became the photog I am today. I knew this is what I wanted to do, but my heart and soul were telling me this is what I NEEDED.

Photography is my passion, not nursing. I dropped out of college and jumped in with both feet to build Chelce Geron Photography. So you see, the answer to why I quit nursing is quite simple; capturing people, silly moments, special events, and moments you can never get back, that is my why. Let me share my passion with you!